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Apple iPhone 15 vs. Apple iPhone 14

Even if the iPhone Pro models sell extra, plenty of humans still buy the vanilla iPhone models. The improve cycle for iPhones is longer than that of Android phones, and it is a testomony to how well those devices are crafted from hardware to software program and back.

If you are still preserving on to an older iPhone, you is probably thinking whether or not to improve to iPhone 14 or 15 (each are still formally on sale from Apple). Well, look no similarly; we've got were given a full assessment covered up.

The bounce from the iPhone 14 to the iPhone 15 is one in every of the bigger ones we've visible in a while. The iPhone 15 has a brand new, a lot brighter show, a brand new, a good deal higher predominant 48MP digital camera, and it has switched to the usage of a USB Type-C port, simply to name a few matters.

For starters, you may compare the whole specifications sheets here or directly hold with our editor's evaluation under.

Size evaluation

Apple iPhone 15 171 g 147.6 x 71.6 x 7.Eight mm (5.81 x 2.82 x zero.31 in) Apple iPhone 14 172 g 146.7 x seventy one.Five x 7.8 mm (five.Seventy eight x 2.81 x 0.31 in)

The iPhone 15 and the iPhone 14 have an almost equal usual footprint. You could absolutely be hard-pressed to tell the two aside just taking place form by myself.

The new colours are greater of a giveaway, but a brief observe the form of the display notch makes the more moderen tool immediately recognizable. The Dynamic Island, which changed into delivered in the Pro models remaining yr, has subsequently trickled right down to the vanilla iPhone 15, and we just like the greater contemporary appearance.

Both telephones have a 6.1-inch panel, but the new iPhone 15 has a slightly higher resolution and a higher screen-to-body ratio of around 86.4%. The distinction in man or woman is hardly perceivable, even though.

Another factor of the brand new iPhone 15 layout that would be observed in case you inspect information is the new rounded chamfer on the aluminum center frame going everywhere in the smartphone's body. Thanks to it, handling is now nicer and more cushty.

The two phones are expectedly very similar in phrases of build and substances. Their frames are manufactured from aluminum. The back and front sides are covered with Corning's shielding glass - Gorilla Glass at the lower back and a greater durable range on the front. Apple calls it a Ceramic Shield. It's the equal on each models.

Both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 have the equal IP68 ingress protection score. Apple quotes both devices as fit to continue to exist submerged for up to 30 minutes in up to six meters of clean water.

Display comparison

Apple iPhone 15 6.1" OLED60Hz 1179x2556pixels 461ppi Apple iPhone 14 6.1" OLED60Hz 1170x2532pixels 460ppi

While each telephones have a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED show, the display panels are extensively exclusive, unluckily, now not in phrases of refresh fee. Apple refuses to offer whatever better than 60Hz on its vanilla iPhone fashions.

Both iPhones are licensed for HDR10 and Dolby Vision and have the brightness, shades and comparison to returned that score up.

Speaking of brightness, however, it's far one of the main upgrades at the iPhone 15's screen because it receives considerably brighter than the iPhone 14. We measured 806 nits of brightness at the slider and a whopping 1643 nits of most brightness while exposed to strong external mild. We got a similar 804 nits from the iPhone 14 with the aid of maxing out the brightness slider, but it failed to offer any brightness raise beyond that in shiny ambient mild.

The display on the iPhone 15 is likewise simply slightly better in decision at 1179 x 2556 pixels, compared to 1170 x 2532 pixels on the iPhone 14. That's hardly a substantial distinction.

The more sizeable change is the shift from the notch design of the 14 to the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15. This brings the vanilla iPhone design in keeping with the Pro models. It may be subjective, but we like it better than the notch.

Battery existence

Apple has filled a barely large battery into the iPhone 15, as compared to the 14, with out affecting the tool's proportions or weight. The increase is not massive, going from 3279 mAh to 3349 mAh, but it's far still there.

And battery capability is not the best component that receives incremental improvements yr over 12 months. Apple's A16 Bionic chip within the iPhone 15 is based on a extra green 4nm improvement process as compared to the 5nm A15 Bionic within the iPhone 14. There were masses of architectural advancements as properly. We are sure the new display panel might be greater efficient this year as well. So all of it adds as much as a small but still substantial bump in battery endurance.

In our checking out, the iPhone 15 managed a better typical battery persistence of 98 hours in comparison to the 90 hours of the iPhone 14. Perhaps extra importantly, the iPhone 15 has longer runtimes in on-display tasks like internet surfing and video watching, that are arguably the most vital elements of battery persistence.

var BATTERY TEST MINI VERSION = real; var BATTERY TEST PHONE = [12559, 11861]; var BATTERY TEST LINKS = ["apple iphone 15-review-2619p3.Php#bt", "apple iphone 14-review-2481p3.Php#bl"];

Charging velocity

Apple claims that each the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 must be able to get from 0 to 50% in half-hour in case you get a 20W charger. In our testing, both iPhone models controlled to exceed that marketed expectation, with the iPhone 14 doing 60% and the iPhone 15 - around 58% in half of an hour.

While neither iPhone is mainly speedy in phrases of charging, the iPhone 15 has its charging taper off plenty extra aggressively towards the end of the charging cycle than the iPhone 14. That essentially lets in the iPhone 14 to squeeze out a small victory over the iPhone 15 in general charging time with 1:31 mins at the clock, in comparison to one:50 for the iPhone 15. However, this charging curve conduct can be subject to trade with a destiny iOS replace.

Apple iPhone 15 20W 15min32% 30min58% Full110min Apple iPhone 14 20W 15min33% 30min60% Full91min

Speaker test

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 both have hybrid stereo speaker setups with a committed bottom-firing speaker for one channel and an amplified earpiece for the opposite. In preserving with lifestyle, each iPhone models also offer extraordinary sound best with easy mids and highs and even a few lows inside the blend.

Loudness is an exciting issue. Like with charging, the older iPhone 14 manages to squeeze out a small, substantial lead in the speaker loudness department over the iPhone 15. The older notch screen design might also have extra room for the top speaker, but it really is speculation on our give up. In any case, the iPhone 15 managed a "GOOD" rating in our checking out, at the same time as its iPhone 14 sibling controlled to pass the brink over into "VERY GOOD" territory.

You can compare how the two iPhones sound in managed acoustic conditions with the samples underneath. Just make sure you have got your headphones on and the extent is at max degree.

var SPEAKERPHONE MINI VERSION = actual; var SPEAKERPHONE PHONE = [12559, 11861];


Apple iPhone 15 Apple A16 Bionic4 nm 6GB/128GBbase config Apple iPhone 14 Apple A15 Bionic5 nm 6GB/128GBbase config

The Apple A15 Bionic observed within the iPhone 14 is still a performant chip. The iPhone 15 has the more recent Apple A16 Bionic chip primarily based on a 4nm technique rather than the 5nm one of the A15.

The CPU overall performance enhancements presented by the A16 over the A15 chip are as a substitute small, but the ordinary overall performance and responsiveness of the chip nevertheless got a main boost way to the circulate to LPDDR5 RAM.

In the GPU department, the A16 Bionic nonetheless has a complete of five GPU cores, similar to the A15. These often enjoy the better reminiscence bandwidth available on the brand new chipset.

Apple's Neural Engine, which runs on-board gadget studying tasks, is likewise very similar across the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 and has the identical sixteen cores, although these include improved performance at the A16 chip (17 TOPS vs. 15.8 TOPS in the A15).

Apple iPhone 15 AnTuTu one zero one,354,651 Geekbench 62,606 single-middle Geekbench 66,526 multi-core Apple iPhone 14 AnTuTu one zero one,324,887 Geekbench 62,228 unmarried-center Geekbench 65,405 multi-middle

Neither the A15 Bionic nor the A16 Bionic are strapped for strength. As for the real difference in performance between the 2, if we had to try to quantify it, the A16 has a tendency to be around 15% more powerful.

Camera evaluation

In the digital camera branch, one of the primary new additions to the iPhone 15 mix is an all-new 48MP important camera. Apple is doing a little computational and stacking magic to become with 24MP stills, that are greater special than any of the 12MP cameras on preceding iPhones way to a greater feature-rich version of Apple's Photonic Engine, which is in fee of the computational images in both phones.

The iPhone 15 does no longer have a committed optical zoom camera. What it does have this year, however, is masses of decision on its major digital camera to tug off super digital vegetation and zooms, arguably with better outcomes than the iPhone 14.

The different camera at the again of both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 is a 12MP ultrawide. On each fashions, it lacks any fancy features like autofocus. That is only gift on the Pro models, permitting the ultrawide to double as a macro shooter there.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 appear to be rocking very comparable ultrawide cameras with a one hundred twenty-degree area of view.

The identical is going for the selfie cameras, that may potentially also be equal at 12MP with autofocus.

iPhone 15 digital camera samples: 0.5x • 1x • 2x

The new 24MP default pix from the primary digital camera appearance greater sharp and have a tendency to provide higher and more great element than the 12MP stills of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 digital camera samples: 0.5x • 1x • 2x

As already cited, the 2x digital zoomed pics from the iPhone 15 additionally look markedly better due to the fact the iPhone 15 has a lot more predominant digital camera resolution to paintings with.

Other than that, the overall processing and coloration technological know-how Apple has advanced through the years remains consistent and can be discovered on both phones. You tend to get barely more muted hues than most present day Android telephones. Whether or now not that looks better to you is, of path, a count of desire.

And speaking of similarities, the 2 phones seize the identical first-rate video. That method up to 4K throughout all cameras with optionally available EIS multiplied dynamic variety way to the Smart HDR and HDR video capture. ProRes does stay an iPhone Pro feature, even though.

Both telephones shine in low-light seize too. Though, the iPhone 15 has a slight edge average.

iPhone 15 camera samples: Low-light • Night mode

iPhone 14 camera samples: Low-mild • Night mode

One complaint we do have concerning Apple's night time mode is that there's no manner to force it manually ON, simply to toggle it OFF. In this default Auto mode, the Night mode doesn't trigger as often as we suppose it have to. Though, that criticism applies to both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14.

Here's a glimpse of the way the iPhone 15's foremost digital camera compares in image first-class to the iPhone 14's in our Image examine device.

And right here's how the iPhone 15's important digital camera compares in video first-rate to the iPhone 14's in our Video examine tool.


It feels just like the vanilla iPhone has turn out to be more of a "commodity" product than every other tool in Apple's lineup. It is form of a ubiquitous device that has a tendency to get picked up with the aid of default through folks who just want "an iPhone" in preference to the greater tech-savvy crowd, which is going for the Pro fashions. There is nothing wrong with trying matters simple.

The iPhone 14 is less expensive, and its hardware nevertheless holds up notable in 2023. It even fees slightly faster to 100% than the iPhone 15. Its speakers also are slightly louder. And some things are even the same across the two phones.

The iPhone 15 has a new 48MP fundamental digicam, that's notably higher than the 12MP shooter at the iPhone 14. Then there may be the flow to the greater ordinary USB Type-C port, which marks a watershed second within the history of iPhones, and you could want to be at the more recent facet of this divide. The show is now plenty brighter, and it comes with the brand new Dynamic Island, which appears more up to date. Battery existence seems to be higher too. And sooner or later, there is the quicker chipset. Less importantly, the brand new iPhone 15 comes in a new set of colours and could have longer software aid, which might be important in case you tend to hold your iPhones for longer or bypass them right down to family contributors.

All in all, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 are outstanding devices in their personal proper, and we admire Apple's choice to hold officially promoting both. The extra choice, the higher.

    Get the Apple iPhone 15 for:

  • The brighter display with Dynamic Island layout.
  • The higher battery existence.
  • The faster and extra efficient chipset.
  • The new 48MP foremost digicam with higher average great.
  • The more typical USB-C port.
  • The longer software program help.

These are the first-rate offers from our associate companions. We may additionally get a fee from qualifying income.

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