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Apple iPhone 15 vs. Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Traditionally, Apple sells extra Pro fashions compared to the vanilla ones. Both truely have their region in the marketplace and, in our enjoy, tend to attraction to a specific crowd typically.

Still, you will be wondering whether or not to get the regular iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple keeps to introduce masses of segmentation among its vanilla and Pro fashions, however that absolutely varies year to yr.

With its new show, the inclusion of the Dynamic Island and the move to a brand new 48MP digital camera, the vanilla model is arguably towards the Pro this yr, extra so than in current years. Still, the variations and similarities are really worth inspecting in element to try to justify some savings or a few more spending on a brand-new iPhone.

Size evaluation

Apple iPhone 15 171 g 147.6 x 71.6 x 7.Eight mm (five.81 x 2.82 x zero.31 in) Apple iPhone 15 Pro 187 g 146.6 x 70.6 x 8.3 mm (five.77 x 2.78 x zero.33 in)

The vanilla and Pro iPhone 15s are very comparable in phrases of physical proportions. The ordinary 15 is slightly taller and wider, whereas the Pro makes up the difference with a thicker profile. Still, the 2 telephones are remarkably comparable in exercise and in person, with an almost identical in-hand experience.

The iPhone 15 Pro is considerably heavier at 187 grams, as compared to 171 grams on the vanilla. Once again, but, in practice, the difference isn't that extensive.

Apple controlled to shave off a few weight from the Pro fashions this yr, making them the lightest Pro models ever, via going for a titanium body as opposed to stainless-steel, like inside the past.

The vanilla iPhone 15 gets an aluminum frame instead, which might be more malleable and less difficult to dent and scuff, but it is nonetheless an top notch cloth worth of a contemporary top rate smartphone.

Both iPhones have a new chamfer across the middle body that softens the rims and makes for a more comfortable in-hand feel.

Since we're mentioning differences, even as each iPhone fashions have the equal-sized displays with flat panels, the pinnacle glass's real form isn't always same. On the iPhone 15 Pro, the glass extends over the middle body after which slopes down, arguably making for a extra contemporary and top rate look. On the vanilla iPhone 15, the glass tucks into the middle frame. It's a subtle difference in layout, however one of the few that can be favored normally in character.

Technically, the iPhone 15 Pro has the vanilla beat in the display screen-to-frame ratio department with an 88.2% discern, compared to 86.Four%, way to its thinner display bezels.

Telling the 2 phones apart is a piece greater difficult from the the front this year for the reason that Dynamic Island has eventually trickled down to the vanilla iPhone. The distinction is straight away apparent from the back because of the different wide variety of cameras.

The frame colorings are a dead giveaway which is which as well, and whilst the brand new titanium finishes at the Pro look very appealing in their very own right, our non-public preference here is for the colourful and colourful finishes on the iPhone 15 vanilla, which you may get in all-new Black, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink sunglasses.

In phrases of other substances and protection, aside from the difference within the frame we already mentioned, each phones have a Corning-mage glass again of a few kind in addition to a Ceramic Shield glass up the front. Both telephones additionally have an IP68 ingress safety rating, letting them live to tell the tale as much as half-hour in up to six meters of clean water.

Display contrast

Apple iPhone 15 6.1" Super Retina XDR OLED60Hz 1179x2556pixels 461ppi Apple iPhone 15 Pro 6.1" LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED120Hz 1179x2556pixels 461ppi

Both the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are rocking a compact 6.1-inch show, one of the Super Retina XDR OLED variety. Both phones additionally market it terrific and identical brightness output figures of 1,000 nits in regular mode and as much as 2,000 nits peak. IPhones continue to be a bit extra conservative in boosting and maintaining boosted brightness in daylight compared to most modern Android competitors, but nonetheless, the difference in brightness output is noticeable in exercise and plenty preferred.

Both the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro also have the exact same display resolution of 1179 x 2556 pixels – perfectly sharp in practice.

The one foremost difference in display tech among the vanilla iPhone 15 and the Pro is the inclusion of variable excessive refresh charges at the Pro. Apple calls this selection ProMotion, and as the call indicates, it is still relegated to the Pro fashions. It's a actual disgrace that Cupertino hasn't determined to at least bump the vanilla iPhone 15's show as much as 90Hz for the reason that excessive refresh price is so prolific and effortlessly doable within the Android realm these days and for way much less money, too.

The LTPO show at the iPhone 15 Pro can refresh at up to 120Hz and go as low as 1Hz, which is what Apple leverages for its usually-on display function.

The Always-On Display is also annoyingly missing from the vanilla iPhone 15 and not due to any apparent technical challenge, but probably resulting from missing variable refresh fee and Apple's preference now not to damage battery persistence numbers at the vanilla model.

Battery life

Given that the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro have comparable-sized bodies, it's far no wonder that they residence very similar-capability battery packs. Still, with less hardware to fit, the vanilla manages to cram a barely bigger 3349 mAh battery, compared to 3274 mAh in the Pro. Not clearly a large distinction.

In exercise, but, after putting both telephones thru their paces, we will hopefully say that the ordinary iPhone 15 gives you appreciably, if not amazingly, higher battery life. It controlled a solid ninety eight hours of endurance in our trying out, in comparison to 86 hours on the iPhone 15 Pro. Both telephones did pretty in addition in phrases of standby and contact performance, with maximum of the difference stemming from better on-screen check times on the iPhone 15. This might be finished through a mixture of chipset and show power performance, but regardless, the iPhone 15 squeezes out a small victory in this department.

var BATTERY TEST MINI VERSION = authentic; var BATTERY TEST PHONE = [12559, 12557]; var BATTERY TEST LINKS = ["apple iphone 15-review-2619p3.Php#bt", "apple iphone 15 pro-review-2620p3.Php#bl"];

Charging velocity

Apple has always been a bit ambiguous with regards to charging the iPhones. According to legit specs, each the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro should be able to get from 0 to 50% price in 30 minutes. And certainly, both phones manipulate and exceed that undertaking effectively.

Apple is a chunk doubtful approximately what charger you must get on your iPhone in view that one does not come in the container. That advertised charging charge is completed "with 20W adapter or better," our trying out verifies that both the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro have a tendency to rate at a max of about 20-21W.

In our testing, the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro have very similar charging curves, at least up till the very last few percent of battery ability. Both telephones managed to get from 0 to 32% in 15 minutes after which round fifty eight% in 1/2 an hour, exceeding Apple's advertising and marketing guarantees. An hour at the charger were given us right round 86% of price on each phones.

After the first hour or so, however, charging on the vanilla iPhone 15 tapers off quite aggressively down to best 4W or so for some purpose. This results in a total charging time of 1:50 at the vanilla iPhone 15, in comparison to 1:33 at the iPhone 15 Pro.

We can simplest speculate why this distinction is gift, however it's far consistent, which technically way we must give a small win right here to the iPhone 15 Pro, despite the fact that in practical phrases, each phones price at a quite similar charge.

Apple iPhone 15 20W 15min32% 30min58% Full110min Apple iPhone 15 Pro 20W 15min32% 30min57% Full93min

Speaker take a look at

The ordinary hybrid stereo speaker is hired at the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro - the earpiece acts as a 2nd channel, becoming a member of the committed bottom speaker to offer a stereo experience. Apple also does a bit of smart crosstalk cancellation on its audio system through having each speaker output a number of the 'contrary' channels however at a decrease extent.

Overall, we are over again looking at a totally comparable setup across both phones in phrases of hardware and performance. In typical iPhone fashion, the audio output here is brilliant. Loudness receives a "GOOD" grade on each phones in our testing and is simply a piece shy of a "VERY GOOD" mark. There is a surprising amount of bass inside the output, and each telephones also have a very likable rendition of vocals and the crispy treble.

You cannot go incorrect with either telephone on this branch.

var SPEAKERPHONE MINI VERSION = genuine; var SPEAKERPHONE PHONE = [12559, 12557];


Apple iPhone 15 Apple A16 Bionic4 nm 6GB/128GBbase config Apple iPhone 15 Pro Apple A17 Pro3 nm 8GB/128GBbase config

The iPhone 15 makes use of ultimate yr's top-tier A16 Bionic chipset, at the same time as the iPhone 15 Pro is powered by means of Apple's modern day invention - the Apple A17 Pro chipset. The Bionic moniker is not any more, as this new piece of silicon brings the iPhone fashions to an entire new stage with console-grade graphics and hardware ray tracing acceleration - Apple's marketing communicate, of path.

The new Apple A17 Pro chipset is the primary ever mass-market SoC manufactured by means of TSMC on a 3nm procedure node. This, along with architectural advancements, has resulted in what Apple calls the "most efficient cell CPU" and one which gives 3x higher overall performance according to watt than the "competition" with its efficiency cores. We are not quite positive what that competition is, precisely, even though.

Marketing talk is good and all, however let's reel matters lower back a chunk and examine a few actual overall performance metrics, beginning with CPU. The A17 Pro should be round 10% faster than the A16 Bionic on its performance cores. That should translate to round sixteen% higher unmarried-core rankings and approximately 13% higher multi-core ones in some thing like GeekBench. It's not an earth-shattering difference, for certain.

Apple iPhone 15 AnTuTu one hundred and one,354,651 Geekbench 62,606 single-core Geekbench sixty six,526 multi-center Apple iPhone 15 Pro AnTuTu a hundred and one,566,329 Geekbench 62,922 unmarried-middle Geekbench 67,172 multi-core

The A17 Pro gets a larger increase in the GPU branch. For starters, it has six GPU cores, one more than the 5 inside the A16 Bionic. These are reputedly all-new "seasoned class" graphical cores, too, with 20% quicker overall performance than the ones within the A16 Bionic.

The largest innovation this yr is hardware-multiplied ray tracing, which guarantees to be 4 instances quicker than the software-based ray tracing on the A16 Bionic and must finally make "console-level" photos on the iPhone a fact. It continues to be unclear what that includes in practical terms. Still, Apple did show off some brilliant skills at its release occasion through promising that AAA games from CAPCOM, like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village, might be coming to the iPhone as direct ports.

The iPhone 15 Pro additionally gets greater gigs of RAM for a complete of 8GB, as compared to the 6GB inside the vanilla iPhone 15. While this could now not be a chief distinction at present, it would emerge as a limiting aspect in the future and a legitimate purpose for the vanilla iPhone 15 not to acquire a sure future iOS functions.

Finally, we ought to point out that both the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro now have a USB Type-C port and both guide USB Host/OTG through stated port and Display Port video output. There are, however, USB facts connection speed variations dictated by the distinctive chipsets. The regular iPhone 15 is limited to USB 2.Zero speeds of as much as 480 Mbps. The iPhone 15 Pro, then again, helps USB 3.2 Gen 2 data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Camera comparison

As expected, there are some predominant digital camera differences among the vanilla iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro. Let's start with the vanilla iPhone 15 first seeing that this is easier. This year, it receives an all-new 48MP essential digicam. Apple is performing some computational and stacking magic to become with 24MP stills, which might be more unique than any of the 12MP cameras on preceding iPhones way to a greater characteristic-wealthy version of Apple's Photonic Engine.

The vanilla iPhone 15 additionally receives a 12MP ultrawide digital camera, that is kind of just like the only on the Pro, however no longer definitely, because it isn't as potent and lacks autofocus, which the Pro leverages for macro photography. Also missing at the ordinary iPhone – is the TOF 3D LiDAR scanner at the again of the telephone for depth information.

On the the front, both phones bet the SL 3-d intensity sensing hardware for Face ID that still aids the selfie digital camera. The selfie at the iPhone 15 is without a doubt pretty similar to the one at the Pro. Both have PDAF, however the iPhone 15 Pro does upload OIS on top of that.

The iPhone 15 Pro additionally has a 48MP principal digital camera. It makes use of a substantially bigger sensor than the one in the vanilla 15. You can now seize 48MP HEIF/JPG pics along 48MP ProRAW. They've also give you 28mm and 35mm equal digital zoom modes, and the iPhone will can help you select any such focal lengths as your default putting.

The ultrawide at the iPhone 15 Pro is carried forward from the previous generation. As cited, unlike the one within the vanilla iPhone 15, it has autofocus, which lets in it to double as a macro shooter.

The iPhone 15 Pro uses the identical 3x unit from the 14 Pros, with the numbers searching unchanged from the 13 Pros. Still, you get a dedicated telephoto, which is another factor the vanilla iPhone 15 lacks.

Last, however not least, it is also well worth noting that the everyday iPhone 15 does no longer get get admission to to Apple's proprietary ProRes video capture. 3-d (spatial) video is best to be had at the Pro fashions as nicely.

The iPhone 15 Pro typically offers a higher ordinary digicam setup and great.

iPhone 15 digicam samples: 0.5x • 1x • 2x

Though that said, the iPhone 15 in reality holds its very own, and its new 48MP primary digital camera is a large step forward from the older 12MP cam of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 15 Pro digicam samples: 0.5x • 1x • 3x

Both telephones shine in low-light seize, too. However, the iPhone 15 Pro has a mild aspect standard, especially within the zoom department through the use of its committed telephoto.

iPhone 15 digital camera samples: Low-light • Night mode

iPhone 15 Pro digital camera samples: Low-light • Night mode

Here's a glimpse of how the iPhone 15's most important camera compares in photo nice to the iPhone 15 Pro's in our Image compare device.

And here's how the iPhone 15's main camera compares in video pleasant to the iPhone 15 Pro's in our Video compare tool.


At the time of writing, a base 6GB/128GB iPhone 15 has an MSRP of USD 799/GBP 799/EUR 949/INR 79,900 while a base 8GB/128GB iPhone 15 Pro need to set you back USD 999/GBP 999/EUR 1,199/INR 134,900. So, relying on where you live, the jump from vanilla to Pro is really on a spectrum. Even so, Apple is definitely using the "decoy impact", normally called "popcorn pricing," for its lineup for the reason that vanilla iPhone 15 is most of the manner there cash-wise, in comparison to the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max is not a long way off after that.

While we cannot blame Apple at all for seeking to upsell clients, the actual query which you, as a patron, want to reply here is whether the iPhone 15 Pro is well worth the extra money.

Unless you truely hate the new Pro titanium colour options, there's no actual cause to remember a vanilla iPhone over the Pro aside from fee. Unfortunately, there's no "proper" answer right here, and it's going to all come down to personal desires and priorities.

Maybe you will appreciate the significantly higher camera setup on the iPhone 15 Pro. You'd be getting a devoted optical zoom camera, the autofocusing ultrawide cam with macro skills, or the especially-praised Apple ProRes video seize?

Not in reality a digicam buff? Perhaps you experience contemporary excessive refresh price displays and in reality can't put up with 60Hz anymore.

Or, simply perhaps, you locate your self enticed via the possibility of AAA, "console-stage" gaming on the iPhone 15 Pro. That closing one is extra of a promise than truth at this factor in time, however a good one nevertheless.

If any of the above captivates you, then spending the more money on an iPhone 15 Pro is well worth it. Otherwise, the vanilla iPhone 15 will realistically get you maximum of the way there, offer a similar usual revel in, and with a bit of luck ultimate you approximately as lengthy.

    Get the Apple iPhone 15 for:

  • The lower fee.
  • The lighter body.
  • The extra colourful coloration options.
  • The barely better battery existence.

These are the fine offers from our affiliate partners. We might also get a fee from qualifying sales.

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