OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC review

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC review

It's been a hot minute due to the fact we've got had a neckband-fashion wi-fi headset round those components. That is alternatively unfortunate, as in many ways they had been advanced to the currently popular TWS earbuds, with longer battery existence, bodily controls, and better connectivity overall performance.

The closing model we tested with this layout became incidentally the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 and now we've got the up to date model with ANC or energetic noise cancellation. At INR 2299, the India-exceptional Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC are most effective barely extra steeply-priced than the Z2. That nevertheless makes them one of the most inexpensive wireless earbuds within the OnePlus variety and the cheapest with ANC.

Design and comfort

The Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC have a reasonably simple layout that we're all acquainted with at this factor. The entire frame has a rubberized texture and the neckband is extraordinarily flexible.

The left stalk functions the overall set of controls for quantity, playback, and ANC capability, some thing I dearly miss on TWS models. The center button may be pressed as soon as to play/pause, twice and thrice to bypass from side to side between tracks, and pressed and held to exchange ANC modes.

There is also a multi-feature button supplied, which really simply does matters. You can press and maintain it to start the pairing mode or you may double-press it to right away transfer to the previously connected tool. All the buttons work well and feature a great satisfactory feel to them.

In terms of construct pleasant, the neckband feels sturdy and the earbud cables sense reliable. You additionally get IP55 score for water and dirt resistance.

Comfort is subjective and could rely upon the user. I had forgotten how initially it could be traumatic to have the neckband for your bare neck or the cables brushing towards your face. But it become additionally extraordinarily convenient to just take away the earbuds and magnetically latch them collectively to replace them off while not having to fumble round with a case and probably drop the earbuds. It's also impossible to lose simply one earbud or the case. Depending on how you want to examine it, it's a tossup among which is more convenient, TWS or the neckband.

Software and capabilities

The Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC hook up with your telephone the usage of the HeyMelody software program, an app made by HeyTap that may be a fabricated from a Singapore-primarily based organisation called Bravo Unicorn. It's the equal app utilized by all OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme audio products and is to be had on Android and iOS.

On OnePlus phones, the earbud features can be managed without delay thru the Bluetooth settings while not having to install a separate app.

The Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC does no longer have a whole lot of features so alternatives are restricted here. You can transfer among ANC on, off, and transparency mode. You can turn between the 4 EQ presets and additionally make your personal. And eventually, you may do very basic customizations of the physical switches.

HeyMelody app

Any adjustments you're making within the app get saved at the earbuds, this means that they get carried over to the next tool, although the device is something like a PC that doesn't aid the app.


The Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC feature 12.4mm titanium-lined dynamic drivers. The earbuds aid SBC and AAC codecs over a Bluetooth five.2 connection.

The Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC have mediocre audio great via default. The sound is the same overwhelming bass-heavy attack that has now grow to be the OnePlus residence sound.

The bass on the Z2 ANC is way too strong on the default and laughably named Balanced preset. It coats the entire frequency range in a thick layer of mush that the mids and highs can never virtually get out of. It's no longer specially precise, articulate, or even tasteful

The mid-range may be good when it is not being masked by the bass. Vocals have a terrific timbre, if barely too warm and stuffy, and may be quite high-quality at times.

The excessive-stop is disappointing. There truely is not sufficient power on the top stop to stability out the sound, which specifically makes the overall sound signature darkish, muddy, and lopsided.

OnePlus appears at least partly aware about the issues of its default tuning, which is why there are presets devoted to decreasing the bass. The featured Bold preset turns down the bass a fair bit, which facilitates convey out the mid-variety inside the blend. Unfortunately, it would not do a great deal to improve the highs, which might be still too veiled. The Serenade turns the bass down even further, which then pushes the mids even similarly ahead into the mix, causing the sound to have an inverted V-form because the highs refuse to budge.

There is also a Bass preset, which sounds just like the Balanced preset but with even more bass, if you have hearing loss (or preference to get it).

Thankfully, the six-band custom EQ does assist out loads. Using the preset proven above, I turned into able to get a far extra balanced tuning going, which then helped attention on different components of the sound. Unfortunately, each the custom EQ and the extra sane presets require the set up of the app, which many human beings by no means trouble with.

With the highs leveled out, the sound is extra enticing and unique. This is specially actual at lower volumes, wherein it's miles difficult to hear some thing over the bass with out turning the volume up, which makes the bass even extra overbearing and fatiguing.

The basic sound nevertheless isn't always very distinctive or resolved; blame it on the great of drivers greater than the dearth of a better resolution codec. Imaging and soundstage also are underwhelming and unremarkable. Still, with a custom tuning, you may get a reasonably exciting sound out of those earbuds and one I didn't have loads to bitch approximately when out and about. For the fee, it sounds perfectly adequate but is ruined via the default tuning.

What the Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC loses in audio quality, it makes up in microphone exceptional. The recorded audio had a totally fantastic overall performance for voices, with the most effective issue of the occasional popping noise. Even in the presence of some heritage noise, the recording excellent remained correct with little to no audible background noise. This makes the Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC a first-rate alternative for making voice or video calls.

The new ANC mode at the Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC additionally worked reasonably well. It does its first-rate with low-frequency sounds, so matters just like the sound of an plane or bus engine, at the same time as additionally being first rate for household sounds together with air conditioners and enthusiasts. It does not achieve this nicely with mid and high-frequency sounds however it's usually the domain for larger and extra pricey headphones.

What's disappointing, even though, is the transparency mode, which sounds muffled and no longer particularly transparent. It's first-class if you simply want to walk around with out completely being oblivious to your environment but I nonetheless determined it better to just unplug the earbuds to hear better.

Switching ANC modes handiest has a small impact at the audio satisfactory. The sound is ever so barely brighter and much less bass-heavy with ANC off in comparison to on, and then in addition slightly brighter with transparency mode enabled.

The latency overall performance can be first rate. If you have a OnePlus device and the software is detected as a sport, then you definately get very low and slightly perceptible latency. If it's no longer detected as a recreation or in case you do not have a OnePlus tool, then the latency may be quite excessive and could be unusable for gaming. However, it's still pleasant for video playback, in spite of a PC.

Finally, connectivity performance turned into solid with the Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC and there have been no determined troubles with connection exceptional or stability.

Battery and charging

The Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC has a claimed battery lifestyles of 20 hours with ANC and 28 hours with out ANC. OnePlus additionally claims 20 hours of playback after a 10-minute rate and even though OnePlus does no longer specify you can still anticipate that is with ANC off.

In my testing, the Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC lasted for 19 hours and 38 mins with ANC enabled and 27 hours and 7 minutes with ANC disabled. After a 10-minute price, the earbuds played for 14 hours and 36 minutes with ANC enabled and 20 hours and 21 minutes with ANC disabled.

The lengthy battery life might be the most important cause to stay with the neckband design. You could be at the longest non-stop flight inside the international and still make it thru to the opposite stop on a unmarried fee. Or you can just binge an entire show of a season without taking a ruin. Or be on a multi-hour cellphone name.

Since the battery would not want frequent charging, it additionally wears out slowly, meaning you could have a unmarried pair last for numerous years in comparison to the average lifespan of one-2 years for TWS earbuds, making them easy on the pocket and the environment.


The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC is a superb value product for the price. It may be cushty, relying on the way you sense approximately neckband designs, well-built, with good microphone first-class and amazing battery existence. The ANC additionally works fairly well and the connectivity overall performance changed into solid. When paired with OnePlus devices, you furthermore mght get correct latency overall performance for gaming.

That leaves audio best and the Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC is the contemporary victim of OnePlus' bad default audio tuning. Thankfully, it is straightforward to work around it and get a decent listening revel in that is adequately true for the price.

Overall, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC is worth thinking about if you are nonetheless in the market for neckband-style wi-fi headsets.

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